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Annual Maintenance

Our dealership background dictates that our approach to maintenance be not profit-oriented but customer-satisfaction oriented. This means that unlike yacht management companies, our primary incentive is to provide you with maintenance solutions that will not require you to come back to us for repeat services such as technical support and additional maintenance. We are rather committed to ensuring a very smooth ownership experience in order for you to fully realize the value from selecting TYA for your yachting partner.



Local knowledge and personal relationships matter when choosing the right "home" for your boat. Our network of 20+ sales offices and service points have established exactly this. Insider knowledge that will help you choose the right marina to keep your boat based on your priorities such as services, location, facilities, cost and service. Our personal relationships cultivated over the years are at your disposal to ensure that you will only have calm seas while berthed.



From making bookings and reservations, to finding gifts, running errands and sorting out emergencies, a concierge service is an invaluable timesaver. Things that would otherwise take you hours to arrange are taken care of in minutes with just one call. Now, there is The Yacht Concierge from Trident Yacht Alliance, a new kind of concierge service that not only provides all the familiar shore-based services, but also a full range of services to take care of everything to do with your yacht, whether you’re on board or on the other side of the world.
Services Ashore: Housekeeping, household maintenance, gardening, and key holding; Restaurant reservations – anywhere in the world; VIP entry to social, sporting and cultural event; Hospitality at exclusive functions; Gifts and flowers anywhere, anytime; Travel and holiday planning, reservations and bookings; Extensive travel advice including recommendations, climate & weather, public holidays, passports, customs, visas, tax, flight status, embassy and consulate contacts; Chauffeur-driven or self-drive car hire; Private plane charter; Messages delivered by phone, fax or email; Emergency assistance
Services Afloat: Comprehensive range of marine services; Marina berth and mooring reservations; Fuel, with significant savings in some areas; Finance and insurance; Weather reports; Vessel provisioning and chandlery; Bedding and bespoke soft furnishings; Yacht maintenance, repair, management and gardiennage; Crew and staff provisions; Complimentary entry to international boat shows and events; Brokerage services for yacht sales; Charter services; Legal services; Yacht registrations; SPV company formations; Free security and crisis management appraisal



Yachting is very much a people-business and when it comes to staffing your yacht we realize the importance of helping you recruit the right persons. Depending on your yachting needs and type of use, we will help you setup the perfect team, whether you intend to operate your boat yourself and looking for deckhand help, or setup a fully crewed charter yacht with professional crew. We will advise you on what the right crew-synthesis will cover your needs and desires and recommend the right candidates. We can go as far as pre-interviewing and helping you through the interview process if you wish.


Technical Support

Trident Yacht Alliance's DNA stems from three of the most renowned yacht dealerships worldwide. As such, technical support is not only in our mentality, but also an integral part of our business model. The three dealerships behind TYA have delivered over 700 new-building boats over 30 years, meaning that these yachts were serviced for a minimum of two years of warranty period. This is testament of our customer-service mentality as well as our deep product knowledge. Our involvement in technical support services allows us to advise new owners on issues such as maintenance, refit and repairs, but also supplies our sales team with deep product insight which translates to providing you with a fully informed sale, purchase, or chartering decision.


Yacht Marketing

TYA is the only truly international yacht marketing firm specialized in yachts up to 40 metres in overall length. Our sales team comprises of world-class sales consultants with deep and diversified product knowledge. Our sales, chartering, concierge and technical support teams can be found in the most relevant yachting destinations. Our activities are united by a bespoke CRM system that has been specifically conceived and developed to integrate the marketing efforts of all three founding companies. Whether you are interested in selling, purchasing or chartering a yacht, Trident Yacht Alliance possesses the right people, located in the right markets, empowered by the right marketing tools.